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Wafers and Substrates

Ceramic Substrates

Ceramic Substrates are substrates processed using certain kinds of ceramics engineered and designed with deliberation, which are of extensive use in the fields of aerospace, telecommunication, microwave circuit, national defense, etc. Ceramic substrates exhibit exceptional thermal conductivities, electrical insulation, superior mechanical stress, and chemical and temperature reliabilities to withstand extreme environments. Ceramic substrates are often utilized as packages or as fundamental elements for thin film growth/deposition and wire bonding/circuit printing in the semiconductor and electronic industries. Common ceramics materials include Alumina(Al2O3) Ceramics, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Ceramics, etc. 

The advantages of ceramic substrates are manifold, and different ceramic materials evince different characteristics. Shalom EO provides bare ceramic substrates and metalized ceramic substrates made from Alumina (Aluminum Oxide) ceramics and Beryllium Oxide (Beryllia, or BeO) ceramics. Alumina ceramics are becoming the mainstream material in the electro-optic market because of their abundant availabilities, environment-friendliness, outstanding mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and finer thermal/electrical properties than normal commercial grade ceramics. Beryllium Oxide ceramics surpass other counterpart ceramic materials in the aspect of high thermal induction. In recent years, BeO ceramics have been replaced, to a radical extent, with Alumina ceramics due to environmental issues. However, there are still quite a few contexts requiring massive thermal conduction, where the importance of BeO ceramics can not be substituted, such as high-power, large-scale integrated circuits, and armaments. The thermal conductance of Beryllia ceramics is close to those of copper and silver, which are impressive in particular and helps to elevate thermal dissipation. Besides, BeO also features high melting points, excellent thermal shock resistance, and electrical insulation.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers Alumina Ceramic SubstratesBare BeO Ceramic Substrates, and Thick Film Metalized BeO Ceramic Substrates. The dimensions, shapes, structures, and other specifications of ceramic substrates could be custom-tailored upon inquiries. Featuring excellent electrical insulation, thermal conductance, chemical durabilities, and mechanical ruggedness, Shalom EO's ceramic substrates prove solid reliabilities in various applications including PCB, HIC, SSR, TEC, high power semiconductor modules, electrical package, etc. The Bare BeO Ceramic Substrates are fabricated using the hot-press technique, with high thermal inductance reaching a maximum of 280W/m.K. The Thick Film Metalized BeO Ceramic Substrates are manufactured using thick-film WMA/MoMn metallization with nickel electroplating, delivering great bonding force, high weldabilities, and excellent tensile strength.