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SGGG (Substituted GGG) Single Crystals and Wafers

  • Low optical losses(<0.1%/cm) and fine chemial and mechanical properties
  • High the rmal conductivity (7.4W m-1 K-1) and High laser damage threshold (>1GW/cm2)
  • Maximum diameter: 4 inches ; typical thickness 0.5/1.0mm
  • Clean package: 1000 grade clean room and 100 grade bags
  • Typical orientation of SGGG substraest: <111>
  • Applications: liquid expitaxy, magneto-optical film, YIG and BIG film epitaxial growth 
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Material SGGG single crystals Orientation <111>
Orientation Error ±0.2° Maximum Diameter 4 inches
Typical Thickness 0.5mm, 1.0mm Thickness Tolerance ±0.05mm
Size Tolerance ±0.1mm Surface Finish SSP or DSP
Roughness ≤1nm Cleaness and Package 1000 grade clean room, 100 grade bags

Material Properties:

Material SGGG Chemical Formular Substituted GGG
Lattice Constant 12.497Å Growth Method Czochralski
Density 7.09g/cm3 Mohs Hardness 7.5
Melting Point 1730℃ Refractive Index 1.954@1064nm

GGG, SGGG and NGG Garnets are used as substrates for liquid expitaxy. GGG substrates is dedicated substrates for magneto-optical film. In the optical communication devices, require a lot of using 1.3μ and 1.5μ optical isolator, its core component is the YIG or BIG film been placed in a magnetic field. GGG single crystal substrates of different tangential, which can achieve the best lattice match with this magneto-optical material, thus ensuring the YIG and BIG film epitaxial growth be successful. It has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability. GGG is also substrate material for microwave devices.