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Customized Thin Films

  • Various modules consisting of top layers,substrates,and electrode layers or single layer structure for choosing
  • Thickness 0.1-50μm or customized
  • Top layer made of LTOI/ LNOI/Quartz
  • Substrates made of SiO2, Si, Sapphire, Quartz etc.
  • Electrode layers made of Au,Pt, Cr, Al, etc.
  • Doped with MgO, Fe, Er, Tm, etc.
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Modules or Types:

Customized Lithium Niobate, Lithium Tantalate & Quartz Thin Films
Top Layer/ Details Substrate Details Top Layer Thin Film Details
Top Layer/ Details Multilayer Structure Patterned Electrode & Waveguide Different Material (SiO2, Si, Sapphire, Quartz etc.) PPLN Special Size Electrode(Au,Pt, Cr, Al, etc.) Orientation (Same as Bulb Wafers) Doped(MgO, Fe, Er, Tm, etc.)
100-1000 nm LiNbO3
100-1500 nm LiTaO3  
5-50μm LiNbO3        
5-50μm LiTaO3        
5-50μm  Quartz