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InAs Crystals and Substrates


  • Substrate for growth of InAsSb/In-AsPSb, InNAsSb
  • Substrate for growth of AlGaSb- superlattice structure 

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Material InAs single crystal Orientation <100>
Crystal Structure Cube Density 5.66g/cm3
Melt Point 942℃ Bandgap(@300 K) 0.45eV

10x10x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm,

D50.8x0.5mm, D76.2x0.5mm

Surface Roughness Ra≤5Å
Polishing SSP (single surface polished) or
DSP (double surface polished)
Package 1000 grade clean room, 100 grade bags


Chemical Properties of InAs Crystal:

Single Crystal Doped Conduction Type Carrier Concentration Mobility Ratio Dislocation Density
InAs / N 5x1016 2x104 <5x104
InAsSn N (5-20)x1017 >2000 <5x104
InAs Zn P (1-20)x1017 100-300 <5x104
InAs S N (1-10)x1017 >2000 <5x104


InAs single crystal is widely used as the substrate material for heterojunction materials (InAsSb/In-AsPSb,InNAsSb) which is used in making infrared emitting devices with 2~14μm. InAs can also use as a substrate material for the epitaxial growth of AlGaSb- superlattice structure materials for medium wave infrared quantum cascade laser(QCL). InAs is widely used in gas monitoring, low loss optical fiber communication. With high mobility Ratio, it is an ideal material for Hall semiconductors. As one kind of single crystal substrate, InAs must have low dislocation density, good lattice integrity, appropriate electrical parameter and high homogeneity. The mainly growth method of this material is classical liquid encapsulation pulling method(LEC).