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Wafers and Substrates

LN, LT, Quartz Ultra Thin Film and Wafers

Shalom EO's Thin Films on Insulator Wafers consists of nanoscale thin films of LN (Lithium Niobate), LT (Lithium Tantalate), or Quartz combined with Silicon insulation substrates. These thin film wafers are of extensive application fields and could be used as high-speed resonators, surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, EO modulators, integrated nanophotonics, etc. Instead of bulk substrates, thin film wafers are more advantageous in terms of compactness, higher performance, lower costs, and the potential to innovate new designs.

Shalom EO offers various kinds of thin film on insulator wafers. Specifications include 300-900nm LiNbO3/LiTaO3 ultra-thin film wafers, 5-50um LiNbO3/LiTaO3/Quartz wafers, and free-standing thin films. (Note that the 300-900nm and 5-50um here refer to the thickness of the top function layers, where the thickness of the optional isolation layer, electrode layer, and silicon substrate are not counted.)

The superior piezoelectric properties of lithium niobate can make its thin film excellent for manufacturing surface acoustic wave devices (shear wave) or bulk acoustic wave devices (longitudinal wave or quasi-longitudinal wave) according to the tangential direction, for radio frequency filtering, micro-mass testing, and other fields. The electro-optic properties of LiNbO3 are also unique. Lithium tantalate (LiTao3) has excellent piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties and is widely used to manufacture RF front-end filters and pyroelectric infrared detectors.