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GaN (Gallium Nitride) Crystals and Wafers

  • Wide direct band gap, strong atomic bonds and high thermal conductivity
  • Stable physical and chemical properties
  • Excellent optoelectronic property at short wavelength range;
  • Typical orientation of GaN wafers: C-Axis or <0001>;
  • Applications: blue, green and UV-light LED, blue and UV light laser diodes (LD), high power electronic devices and high frequency electornic devices
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Type GaN-FS-10 GaN-FS-15
Size 10.0mm×10.5mm 14.0mm×15.0mm
Thickness Rank 300, Rank 350,
Rank 400
300 ± 25 µm, 350 ± 25 µm,
400 ± 25 µm
Orientation C-axis(0001) ± 0.5°
TTV ≤15 µm
BOW ≤20 µm
Carrier Concentration >5x1017/cm3 /
Conduction Type N-type Semi-Insulating
Resistivity(@300K) < 0.5 Ω•cm >106 Ω•cm
Dislocation Density Less than 5x106 cm-2
Usable Surface Area > 90%
Polishing Front Surface: Ra < 0.2nm. Epi-ready polished
Back Surface: Fine ground
Package Packaged in a class 100 clean room environment,
in single wafer containers, under a nitrogen atmosphere.


With wide direct bandgap(3.4 eV), strong atomic bonds, high thermal conductivity and excellent radiation resistance, GaN (Gallium Nitride) crystals and wafers is not only short-wave-length optoelectronic material, but also a well alternate material for high temperature semiconductor devices. Based on the stabile physical and chemical properties, GaN is suitable for LED applications (blue, green, UV-light), ultraviolet detectors and optoelectronic high-power and high-frequency devices. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the custom gallium nitride wafers and substrates according to customer's request, option of N-type and semi-insulating types GaN wafers are available. Our gallium nitride crystals and wafers are widely used in various LED's, blue light laser diodes and ultra-violet (UV) laser diodes (LD), high power electronic devices and high frequency electronic devices.