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  • Bare Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Substrates
  • Bare Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Substrates
  • Bare Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Substrates
  • Bare Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Substrates

Bare Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Substrates

  • Outstanding Thermal Inductance, Maximum 280w/m.k
  • Substantial Puncture Strength and High Electrical Resistance
  • Hot-press techniques
  • Various custom shapes, specifications
  • Applications: TEC, HIC, PCB, high-power, large-scale integrated circuits, electrical packages, aerospace, telecommunications, satellites
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Note: Shalom EO offers substrates made from two different models (BEO99 and BEO99.5) of BeO Ceramics. The specifications of the two models are separately listed in the table below.


Volume Density≥2.85g/cm3≥2.88g/cm3
Flexural Strength≥200Mpa≥200Mpa
Average Coeffient of Expansion (at 25-500°C)7.0-8.0x10-6/K7.0-8.0x10-6/K
Thermal Conductivityat 25°C≥260W/m.K≥285W/m.K
at 100°C≥190W/m.K200W/m.K
Dielectric Constantsat 1MHz6.7±0.2 
at 10GHz6.9±0.26.8±0.2
Dielectric Loss Tangentat 1MHz≤4x10-4≤4x10-4
at 10±0.5GHz≤6x10-4 ≤4x10-4
Volume Resistivity≥1014 Ω.cm (at 20 °C)≥1014 Ω.cm (at 100 °C)
Puncture Strength≥30kV/mm≥40kV/mm
Thermal Shock ResistanceExcellentExcellent
Chemical Stability1:9 HCL≤0.1mg/cm2≤0.1mg/cm2
10% NaOH≤0.1mg/cm2≤0.1mg/cm2
Air Tightness≤5x10-12Pa.m3/s≤5x10-12Pa.m3/s
Average Grain Size10-20μm10-20μm

Beryllium Oxide, or Beryllia, BeO Ceramics are a kind of high-performance fine ceramic material fabricated using BeO powders as the main composition.

Compare with other ceramic substrate materials, the most outstanding characteristic of BeO ceramic substrates are their unparalleled thermal induction properties. The thermal inductance of Beryllium Oxide ceramics is close to albeit ranked behind that of silver and red copper and outperforms alumina substrates to a significant extent. 

Other advantages of Beryllium Oxide ceramics include high electrical resistance, substantial puncture strength, and low loss at high frequencies, low dielectric constants. The mechanical strength of BeO is also recommendable, with additional exceptional thermal shock resistance and chemical inertia.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers Bare Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Substrates of various custom shapes and specifications, special structures such as holes, manufactured using hot-press techniques, which allows us to obtain quick turnaround at competitive prices. Our Beryllium Oxide ceramic substrates feature high BeO purities and unrivaled thermal inductance, with the maximum reaching 280w/m.K. The uncoated bare substrates are exquisite to perform further thick film treatment to produce PCB substrates, and for diversified applications like high-power, large-scale integrated circuits, electrical packages, TEC, HIC, PCB, etc. Besides, we also offer metalized versions of BeO ceramic substrates. 

Application Notes:

It's worth noting that although Beryllium Oxide ceramics have been notorious, for being deemed to be toxic, it’s the soluble BeO power that’s toxic. Beryllium Oxide ceramics, however, having gone through high-temperature processing, are insoluble in common acids and alkalis, therefore are not as detrimental as believed under proper protection measures. Shalom EO's Beryllium Oxide ceramic substrates are all produced and tested in compliance with pertinent regulations.