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Free Standing Ultra Thin & Ultra Flat Wafers

  • Dimensions:diameters: 3,4 inches, 
  • Thickness range: 20-100μm
  • Orientations:X,Y, Z,AT, etc. 
  • Materials of LiTaO3, LinNbO3, Quartz available
  • Surface finish options: Single side or Double sides polished
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Top Functional Layer
Diameter 3, 4 inches
Orientation X, Y, Z, AT, etc.
Material LiTaO3, LiNbO3 and Quartz
Thickness 20-100μm
Surface Single or double side polished


Modules or Types:

Single-crystal Lithium Niobate Thin Wafer


Single-crystal Lithium Tantalate Thin Wafer


Single-crystal Quartz Thin Wafer