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300-900 nm Lithium Niobate Tantalatr Thin FIlms(LTOI)

  • Unique electro-optical, pyroelectric, piezoelectric and acoustic properties
  • Diameters: 3” and 4”
  • Orientations:Y-42, Y-46.3, Z, etc.
  • Top functional layer Ultra-thin thickness:300-900nm
  • Modules with SiO2 isolation layers, Si substrates available
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Top Functional Layer
Diameter 3, 4, 6 inches
Orientation Y-42, Y-46.3, Z, etc.
Material LiTaO3
Thickness 300-900 nm
Isolation Layer
Material SiO2
Thickness 300-4000nm
Material Si
Thickness 400-500μm


Modules or Types:

Single-crystal Lithium Tantalate Thin Film
Silicon Substrates