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Corning Eagle XG

Corning Eagle XG is a synthetic Alkaline Earth Boro-aluminosilicate glass designed for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and other electro-optical applications. As a flagship product of Corning, Eagle XG glass features low density, 92% transmission in the visible spectrum, an extremely smooth surface, and impressive strength to allow thinner and larger dimensions. The glass also has the advantage of high resistance to weathering (the erosion induced by gases and vapors in the atmosphere). Besides, the glass does not contain heavy metal compositions, therefore is harmless to human health and friendly to the environment.

Glass Substrates made from  Corning Eagle XG are available in Shalom EO, the glass substrates coated with ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) conducting film could also be arranged, the ITO coated glass is particularly designed for flat panel display, solar cells, etc. The following data shows the properties of Corning Eagle XG, note that the data sheets are extracted from Corning, the exact quality of glass may be varied slightly due to the actual production circumstances.

Material Information/Electrical Properties 

Chemical/Thermal Properties/Optical Transmission

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