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Aperture 3.6mm single-crystal BBO Pockels Cells

Code: 2035-010

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Clear Aperture 3.6mm
Wavelength Custom
Dimension Ф25.4×35mm
ExtinctionRatio@1064nm >1000:1
Single pass optical transmission >98%
Crystal size 4x4x20mm
Quarter Wave Voltage 4900V
Capacitance <3.0pF
Damaging Threshold 750MW/cm^2@1064nm,10ns,10Hz

This module of BBO pockels cells features ceramic protected aperture, compact design and easy adjustment.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the off-the-shelf and custom BBO Pockels Cells with high damage threshold, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, minimal piezoelectric ringing and competitive price. BBO Pockels Cells with both Single and double BBO crystal design and low -voltage geometry are available upon requests. 

Features of BBO crystal

  • Ultra-thin crystals can be used for ultra-fast (<10 fs) applications
  • Wide phase matching range of various second-order nonlinear interactions in almost the entire transparent range
  • The highest nonlinearity among all UV nonlinear crystals
  • High laser induced damage threshold (LIDT)
  • Wide transmittance range from 188 nm to 5.2μm (appropriate transparency @3μm-5.2μm, tens of μm thick crystal)
  • Extremely low capacitance (1< pF) will permit high repetition rate switching with rise times on the order of 100 ps or less
  • High damage threshold capable of withstanding high peak power intensities of samller beam size and therefore suitable for compact design ( However, small crystal aperture leads to diffraction losses and hence might increase the insertion losses.)
  • Not prone to piezo-electric ringing
  • Low absorption and associated laser-induced thermal birefringence
  • High extinction ratio


  1. High repetition rate DPSS Q-switches
  2. High repetition rate regenerative amplifier control
  3. Cavity dumping and Beam chopper
  4. Low dispersion suitable for short pulse regenerative amplifiers