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Wollaston Polarizers of YVO4 D15.0mm 500-4000nm with Round Mount

Code: 20704-014



Material YVO4 Wavelength Range 500~4000 nm
Aperture Size ɸ15mm Extinction Ratio <5x10-6
Seperation Angle >20° Surface Quality 20 / 10 S/D
Parallelism <1 arc Min Beam Deviation < 3 arc minutes
Wavefront Distortion λ /4@633nm Damage Threshold >200MW/cm2@1064nm, 20ns, 20Hz
Coating Single MgF2 Mount Black Anodized Aluminium
Mount Size ɸ30x23mm
  • Made From Alpha-BBO, Calcite, YVO4 and Quartz
  • Separate Unpolarized Light into Two Orthogonally Polarized Outputs
  • High Extinction Ratio for Each Output
  • Wide Wavelength Range
  • Low Power Application

Wollaston polarizer is designed to separate unpolarized light beam into two orthogonally polarized ordinary and extraordinary components which are symmetrically deflected from axis of initial propagation. This kind of performance is attractive for laboratory experiments as both ordinary and extraordinary beams are accessible. Wollaston polarizers are used in spectrometers also can be used as polarization analyzers or beamsplitters in optical setups.

4 weeks
YVO4 Crystals

YVO4 Crystals

  • Broad transparent spectral range 0.4μm to 5μm
  • Large birefringence
  • Good mechanical and physical property
  • Applications: Fiber optical isolators and circulators, Beam displacer, Glan polarizers, other polarizing optics