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1535nm 300μJ Module (G1535M300UJ)

Code: 2101-003

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Optical Parameters:

Wavelength (center) 1534 nm +/- 0.25 nm Pulse Width, typical (FWHM) 6 ns
Peak Power, typical 50 kW Pulse Repetition Frequency (max, multi-pulse mode) 10 Hz
Laser Pumping Time, typical 1.8~3.5 ms Pulse Energy Stability, typical 3%
Beam Diameter, typical 0.400 mm Beam Divergence, typical, full angle (1/e2) 12 mrad
Beam quality, typical (M2) (x diffraction limit) 1.2

Environmental Parameters:

Operating Temperature -40 °C to +65 °C Storage Temperature -55 °C to +75 °C
Shock 40G, 100ms Vibration 20 – 2000 Hz / 20 G
Lifetime, MTTF > 1 million shots

Mechanical Parameters:

Dimensions 34×10×8 mm3 Weight 5.6 g
Anode (red wire) Voltage, typical 2–3 V Cathode (black wire) Voltage, typical GND
Current, typical 12~15A

Lasers with emission wavelengths longer than1.4μm are often called “eye-safe”, which are far less dangerous than 1-μm lasers with similar output powers. Shalom EO developed the eye safe micro laser module with the wavelength of 1535nm that used in many applications such as laser range finder, Lidar and medical treatment and run properly in the extreme environment with the temperature range of -40℃~65℃. In the future, Shalom EO will concentrate on supplying more health and safe products for you. This device uses a single laser diode at 940nm to end pump a Er,Yb:glass gain media. A Co2+:MgAl2O4 passive Q-switch is used to produce nanosecond level pulses at a repetition rate from single shot to 10 Hertz, which is sufficient for ranging to over 2 kilometers. The Eye-safe Micro laser was designed and demonstrated to operate over a wide temperature range without temperature control of the pump laser. An desirable feature of Er,Yb:glass lasers is that they emit directly at 1.54 microns, which is important for eye safe operation and low cost fabrication.