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C7980-0F Plano-convex D=25.4 F=1000 Uncoated Lenses

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Type Plano-convex Lens Material Corning 7980 0F
Diameters(mm) 25.4(+0.0/-0.1) Design Wavelength(nm) 587.6
Effective Focal Length EFL(mm) 1000.00±1% Back Focal Length BFL(mm) 997.26
Coating Uncoated Surface Quality(S/D) 10/5
Irregularity@632.8nm λ/10 Centration Error(arc min) ≤2
Center Thickness4.0±0.1 Edge Thickness 3.8±0.1
Curvature Radius R1 458.47 Clear Aperture 90%
Protective Chamfer 0.2mmx45° Wavelength Range(nm) 200-2200
Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses have a positive focal length, making them ideal for collecting and focusing light in imaging applications.Fused Silica is commonly used in applications from the Ultraviolet (UV) through the Near-Infrared (NIR) and its low index of refraction, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and low inclusion content make it ideal for laser applications and harsh environmental conditions.
Hangzhou Shalom EO use fused silica materials from Corning, which has a stable physical and optical properties, and every pieces of lenses are measured in the Zygo interference system to assure the surface accuracy and performance of these UV optics.
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