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UVFS λ/4 D50.8x4mm Uncoated Windows or Substrates

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Material C7980 Diameter 50.8(+0.0/-0.1)mm
Thickness 4.0(+/-0.1)mm Wavefront Distortion λ/4
Surface Quality 10 /5 S/D Parallelism <10 arc Sec
chamfer 0.2mmx45° Coating uncoated

Optical windows are used to transmit light and protect work areas or sensitive components from outside environment. Optical windows use substrates, coatings, or a combination of the two to transmit specific wavelengths or ranges of wavelengths, optical windows can also be used to optimize transmissions by transmitting only the wavelengths of interest.

Uncoated optical windows could also be used as substrates of mirrors. Mirror substrates are made of optical materials and are used for reflecting light beams, the optical properties is of little importance, since the substrate material have no impact on the mirror’s optical properties, the light beam does not pass through the substrates. Substrate material is mostly selected due to mechanical properties and working environment of the finished mirror element.

UVFS is the simplified name for Utra-Violet Fused Silica. Untra-Violet refers to its transmission range, and fused means that Fused silica is made by melting natural high-purity silica in an electric furnace at a temperature higher than 1760℃, and then rapidly cooling it. This process transforms crystalline silica into amorphous glass melt. As optical windows, fused silica features high uniformity, low inclusion of bubbles and impurity substance, and ease of manufacturing and machining. Therefore it is an excellent choice for transmission optical components.

Hangzhou Shalom EO is a custom and off-the-shelf supplier, we provide uncoated versions of UVFS windows, which are befitting to be used as substrates for mirrors. The stocked UVFS windows are made from Corning 7980 series fused silica materials, including Lambda/4 flatness types and lambda/10 types, Lambda/4 flatness are low cost and suitable for most kinds of optical applications, and the Lambda/10 flatness types is suitable for laser system and other high demanding applications. 

10/5 S/D
10 arcsec
2 weeks