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MgO Wafers Φ25.4mmx0.5mm <100> SSP

Code: 641-011

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Materials MgO  crystals Orientations <100>
Orientation Error ±0.5° Size Φ25.4mm
Thickness 0.5(±0.05)mm Surface Finish SSP
Roughness Ra<0.5nm Cleaness and Package 1000 grade clean room, 100 grade bags


Basic Properties:

Growth Method Special Arc Melting Crystal Structure Cubic
Unit Cell Constant a=4.130 Å  Melt Point(℃) 2800
Crystal Purity 99.95% Density 3.58 (g/cm3)
Hardness 5.5(mohs) Thermal Expansion(℃) 11.2x10-6
Crystal Growing Orientation <100> Optical Transmission >90%(200~400nm)
Dielectric Constants ε= 9.65

For its low dielectric constant and tiny loss at microwave band, and availability of large sized MgO wafers (diameter of 2 inches and even larger) , MgO (Magnesium Oxide Crystals) has currently become an important industrial HTS (or High Temperature Superconductor) thin monocrystalline wafers. MgO is an excellent single crystal substrate for thin films of Ferro-magnetic, Photo-electronic, semiconductor and high temperature superconductor applications. There is also a growing amount of interest in using MgO substrates for the III to V elements, and in research studying the epitaxial effects of substrates on the crystallization of polymers. Another application is the deposition of ferro electric thin film coatings on magnesium oxide substrates. And there are also growing applications for MgO wafers in the field of plasma display panel (PDP) technology.

Hangzhou Shalom EO provides both stocked standard MgO wafers and customs wafers.

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