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Al2O3 Wafers D50.8x0.43mm <100> cut SSP

Code: 6505-007

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Material Al2O3 crystals or sapphire Orientation <100>
Orientation Error C-aixs(0001) to M(1-100)0.2°±0.1° Size Diameter 50.8mm
Thickness 0.43(±0.025)mm(SSP) Primary Flats A-Plane±0.3°
Primary Flats Length 16±1mm Top Surface Roughness Ra<0.3nm
Back Surface Roughness Fine Ground, Ra<1.2μm TTV <10μm
BOW -10~0μm WARP <10μm
Cleaness and Package

Class 100 clean room cleaning

and vacuum nitrogen packaging

Al2O3 crystals or Sapphire is a multi-function crystal materials with excellent properties: good thermos-stability, high thermal conductivity, high hardness, high transmission at infrared wavelength rang and excellent chemical stability. Sapphire is widely used in industrial, defense and security and scientific research fields. sapphire is also an important substrate materials for high temperature superconductivity applications, it can be used for film growth of Y-series, La-series, and it is also used to grow the superconductivity film of MgB2. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO provides not only the stocked standard sapphire wafers, but also the custom type wafers upon request.

2 weeks