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200mm F2.0 Cooled MWIR Thermal Camera Lens with Manual Focusing

Code: 311-006

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Optical Parameters:

Focal Length(EFL) 200mm f Number (f#) 2.0
Wavelength Range 3~3.5 micro Detector 640x512-15micro, cooled
FOV 2.75°x2.2°(3.52°) Coating DLC+AR
Average Transmittance >81% for DLC external coating >86% for AR external coating Working Temperature Range -40℃~60℃
Minimum Working Distance 7mm Distortion Maximum D-FOV distortion <2%
BFL 40.63mm


Mechanical Parameters:

Dimensions Length:196.78mm Diameter:117mm Focus Mechanism Internal Manual Focusing
Sealing IP54 Mount M80x1-6g Back Flange Distance: 52.245
Housing Material Aluminum, Black anodized Operation Temperature -40℃~ +60℃
Storage Temperature -50℃~ +70℃ Weight <1200gram

The lens module 200mmF2.0 manual is designed for cooled detector ( InSb FPA Focal Plane Arrays ) of 640x512-15μm of MWIR wavelength range 3.5~5.0μm, it is optimized optically for high transmission, good MTF and low distortion. The sealing of the housing is IP54, it is weight less than 1200grams. The improvements and changes of the design is available for customer’s special request.



2.Field Curve and Distortion

3.Relative Illumination


2 month