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50mm f/1.2 Athermalized Lenses for LWIR, Compliant with 1024x768-17μm detctors

Code: 301-027

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Optical Parameters:

EFL 50mm F/# 1.2
Operating Wavelength Range 8μm to 12μm Detector 1024x768-17μm
FOV 19.7°x14.8° External Coating AR
Average Transmittance >90% Working Temperature -40°~80°(Need not to refocus)
Minimum Working Distance 3m~infinity Distortion Maximum H-FOV Distortion:1.7%
Spurious Reflection No MTF@Center, After Tolerance 0.36 @30lp/mm 0.58 @15lp/mm
MTF@ 0.8 Field, After Tolerance 0.24 @30lp/mm

Mechanical Properties:

Dimensions Length:44.34,Diameter:Ф51 Sealing IP67
Mount 2-5/16”-36 UNS-2A Back Working Distance 20.65
Housing Material Aluminum, Black anodized Operation Temperature -40°~ +80°
Storage Temperature -55°~ +85° Weight /

Testing Results and Curves:

1. 20°MTF(@29lp/mm)

2. -40°MTF(@29lp/mm)

3. 80°MTF(@29lp/mm)

4. 20°Field curvature and distortion

5. Vignetting

6. Relative Illumination

5-6 weeks