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Ball Lenses and Half-Ball Lenses

Ball lenses belong to a special form of biconvex lenses which have the geometry of a ball(sphere). They are manufactured from a single material, usually an optical glass with good transparency in the wavelength region of interest. The typical applications of ball lenses include focusing light in the field of fibers(e.g. laser to fiber coupling ,fiber to fiber coupling), emitters and detectors.Half-Ball lenses are variants of ball lenses, they are ideal for for more compact designs.

Super Polished Substrates or Mirrors

Hangzhou Shalom EO has successfully evolved the classical super-polishing technique, the technique developed by Shalom EO could ensure roughness less than 1Å of the optics while accommodating volume quantity production.

Optical Basics: What is FOV (Field of View)

For optical imaging instruments and components, understanding the basic concept of FOV (Field of View) is fundamental for selecting the appropriate optical lenses and components that meet your specific requirements. Here Shalom EO will state the definitions, the equations, and the real-life interpretations of these concepts.

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