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Colored Glass Absorptive Filters

  • Relative low cost
  • High stability under a variety of operating conditions
  • Insensitive to the incident angle of high entering the filter
  • Not prone to minor scratches and abrasions
  • More resistant to chemical attacks, fumes and contamination

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Modules or Types:

      UV-22     BG18  
    WG230       BG25 B-380
BB8 БC12     LB1 3C1 VG9  
BB1 БC3 WG280 UV-28 LB2 3C2 VG11  
BB2 БC4 WG295 UV-30 LB3 3C3    
BB3 БC5 WG320 UV32 LB4 3C6    
BB7 БC10 WG345 UV34 LB6 3C8    
BB5 БC7 WG360 UV36 LB7 Ж3C1 VB8 G-533
BB6 БC8 GG375 L-38 LB8 Ж3C4    
JB2 ЖC4 GG400 L-40 LB9 Ж3C5 VB10  
JB4 ЖC11 GG420 L-42 LB10 Ж3C6   G-550
JB5 ЖC12 GG455 Y-44 LB11 Ж3C9    
JB6 ЖC16 GG475 Y-46 LB12 Ж3C10    
JB7 ЖC17 GG495 Y-48 LB13 Ж3C12   G545
JB8 ЖC18 GG515 Y-50 LB14 Ж3C13    
CB3 OC11 GG530 O-54 LB15 Ж3C17  
CB4 OC12 GG550   LB16 Ж3C18    
CB5 OC13 GG570 O-56     VG6  
JB7 ЖC17 GG495 Y-48 LB13 Ж3C12    
HB9 KC10   R-60        
HB10 KC11 RG610   JB1 ЖC3 GG19  
HB11 KC13 RG630 R-62     GG10  
HB12 KC14 RG645 R-64 CB1 OC5    
HB13 KC15   R-66 CB2 OC6    
HB14 KC17 RG665   HB1 ⅡC5    
HB15 KC18   R-68 HB3 ⅡC8 RG6  
HB16 KC19 RG698 R-70 HB5 ⅡC13    
    RG715 R-72   ⅡC2    
      R-76 HWB1 ИKC1   RM-86
    RG780   HWB3 ИKC2 RG7 RM-90
    IR-80 HWB4 ИKC3    
    RG830 IR-83 FB1 TC1    
      IR-85 FB3 TC3    
        QB15 C3C14 KG2 HA-50
          C3C16 KG30 HA-30
ZWB1 YфC2 UG11 U-340 HB2 C7 BG20 V-10
ZWB2 YфC3 UG1 U-360       HY-1
ZWB3 YфC1 UG5 U-330       SL-1A
ZB1 ФC1   B-390       L-1B
ZB2 ФC6 BG3       FG6 LB-40
ZB3 ФC7   B-370     BG-34 LB-145
QB1 CC1         FG3 LB-165
QB2 CC2   B-410       LB-200
QB3 CC4         FG18 LA-20
QB4 CC5         FG16 LA-80
QB5 CC8   B-440       LA-100
QB9 C3C3         FG15 LA-120
QB10 C3C5           LA-150
QB11 C3C7 BG14   AB10 HC12 NG1 ND-0
QB12 C3C8   B-460 AB9 HC11 NG9 ND-03
QB13 C3C9     AB8 HC10 NG3  
QB16 C3C15     AB3 HC3    
QB17 C3C16     AB7 HC9 NG4 ND13
QB18 C3C17     AB6 HC8 NG5 ND-25
QB19 C3C19     AB2 HC2    
QB21 C3C21 BG38   AB5 HC7 NG11 ND-50
    BG7 B-480 AB1 HC1    
    BG12   AB4 HC6 NG11 ND-70

Optical filter glass is known for its selective absorption in the visible wavelength range. The optical filter glasses appear to be colored if their filter effect lies within the visible light spectrum. The polished colored glass filters can be used in place of thin film coated filters as an economic alternative.
Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the optical filters optics made from colored glasses, which includes band pass, long pass and short pass filters, neutral density filters ect. Chinese made colored glass materials equal to Shott or Hoya are used.