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What are SAW Wafers and Crystals

A Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) device is a device that transfers the input electrical signal into acoustic signal through the converse piezoelectric effects or vice versa.SAW devices provide wide application possibilities across the fields of radio and television, mobile and wireless telephone, satellite communication, GPS system, identification system.

Corning Eagle XG

Corning Eagle XG is a synthetic Alkaline Earth Boro-aluminosilicate glass designed for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and other electro-optical applications. Eagle XG glass features low density, 92% transmission in the visible spectrum, an extremely smooth surface, and impressive strength to allow thinner and larger dimensions. The glass also has the advantage of a high resistance to weathering (the erosion induced by gases and vapors in the atmosphere). The data sheets and properties of Corning Eagle XG are shown below.

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