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Hot-pressed ZnS Domes

  • Maximum diameter: 280mm
  • Excellent thermo-mechanical properties
  • Wide transmission range: 0.4μm-12μm
  • For defense, security and aerospace application
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Materials Hot-pressed ZnS Diameter Range ~ 280mm
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.2mm (Optional:+/-0.1mm and +/-0.05mm) Surface Quality 60/40 S/D
Frings (N) customized Irregularity (delta N) customized
Chamfer 0.1~0.3mmx45degree Coating Uncoated (Note: coating is unnecessary for its high transmission)

Physical and Optical Properties:

Transmission Range 0.7 to 9μm Knoop Hardness >539kg/mm2
Fracture Strength 96MPa Compression Strength >300MPa
Bending Strength >90MPa Density >3.17g/cm3
Thermal Expansion <1.3x10-5K-1(25-300℃) Refractive Index 1.3812+/-0.005 (at 0.5893μm)
Transmittance >85%(2-7.5μm)

Hot-pressed Polycrystalline Zinc Sulphide is a kind of infrared optical material with a wide transmittance range. HP ZnS is made from high pure zinc sulphide raw material under vacuum and high temperature condition,which has good infrared transmission and thermal property and high impact overloading resistance. Since it can be directly pressed into large size plates and spherical dome windows with various curvature radius, HP ZnS has been widely used to make infrared detector dome windows for defenses, security and aerospace applications.

1.Transmission of Hot-pressed domes without coating

2.Transmission of Hot-pressed ZnS domes with AR/AR coating