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Laser Line Dichroic Filters


  • Multilayer Thin Film Coating on Glass Substrates, High stability
  • Low absorption
  • High Transmission and High Reflection
  • Mounted or Unmounted 
  • Easy for Installation
  • Customized Type Dichroic Filters available 

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          • HR@1064nm and HT@532nm
          • HR@532nm and HT@1064nm
          • HR@355nm and HT@532nm+1064nm
          • HR@266nm+355nm and HT@532nm+1064nm


          Substrate Materials UV fused silica or BK7 Angle of Incident 45 °
          Size Tolerance +/-0.1mm Aperture >90%
          Parallelism <30 arc seconds Surface Quality 40/20 S/D
          Flatness λ/4 or λ/10@633nm Coating

          S1 with dielectric coating of beam splintering

          S2: AR coating

          Damaging Threshold > 5J/cm2,20ns,20Hz,@1064nm

          The laser line dichroic filters reflects one or several laser lines and transmit other wavelengths, it would separate the laser beam from its harmonic wavelength laser light.  Variety types of Dichroic Filers are available in Hangzhou Shalom EO: longpass, shortpass, bandpass, bandblocking and colour correction types over a range of wavelengths.