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Focal Length >1000mm Continuous Zoom MWIR Lenses


MWIR thermal imaging cameras are emerging as the new-generation thermal detection solution. Compared with LWIR thermal cameras, MWIR thermal imagers deliver superior image qualities and better long-range detection functionalities. These merits are not the sore product of the fact that thermal contrasts in the MWIR wavelength range are intrinsically more significant than that in the LWIR wavelength range according to Planck's law, but also MWIR cameras are often integrated with cooled quantum sensors which contribute to higher infrared radiation sensitivities. Demands for Lens assemblies operating in the 3-5 micron MWIR wavelengths are also surging as a result. 

With the unceasing efforts of our engineering team, Shalom EO has achieved a technical breakthrough in developing an Ultra-Lightweight 90-1100mm f/5.5 Continuous Zoom MWIR Thermal Imaging Camera Lens Modules. The 223mm diameter, 295.51 length CZ Lens assemblies weigh 4.2 kg, providing an unrivaled comprise between long focal lengths and weight issues.

A Record-breaking Low Weight Long Range Detection Lens Module

It is common that thermal cameras oriented for long-range detection often suffer from overweight problems. This is because, in imaging instruments, a substantial volume of electromagnetic radiation must be allowed to reach the sensor. longer focal lengths therefore must be compensated through larger lens apertures to ensure sufficient radiation exposure, thus long-range thermal camera lenses are often made into large diameters, leading to massive weights and enormous dimensions. The problem is less severe in the case of MWIR lenses than LWIR lenses because a higher f f-number is tolerable to the more sensitive cooled detectors matched with MWIR lenses. However, the long detection range of MWIR thermal camera CZ lenses with focal lengths within the approximate range of 100-1000mm claiming to be lightweight in the market, in general, weighs between 5-8kg. In application contexts like drones and defense surveillance, a little increment of weight could be of great adverse impacts, for example, increasing power consumption, reduction of the moving velocities, etc. 

A unique optomechanical design of the lens sets and the continuous zoom configurations have enabled us to contrive a ultra-lightweight long focal length continuous zoom lens MWIR lens module. This MWIR lens module, with an extended focal length range of 90-1100mm and built-in motorized focus mechanics/electronics has a small weight of 4.2 kg, indicating a technical breakthrough in our research and exploration of lightweight, compact, high-performance thermal camera imaging lenses.

Figure 1. Shalom EO's  Ultra-Lightweight 90-1100mm f/5.5 Continuous Zoom MWIR Thermal Imaging Camera Lens Modules

Optimized for C-UAV or Drones

The utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (or Drones) is becoming a prevalent approach in surveillance, panoramic filming, and battlefields. The absence of human pilots and automated/remote control working mechanisms introduces more convenience and covertness into modern militaries. However, the abuse of drones with hostile intentions also stimulated the development of Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (C-UAV) to mitigate the imposing threats of illegitimate intrusion and encroachment. C-UAV or C-UAS is equipment designed to detect, track, interrupt, or even wreck the drone to prevent unauthorized trespass of UVA into certain areas. A set of thermal imaging camera lenses with long detection distances, compact dimensions, light weights, and flexible zooming mechanisms are essential to both UAV and C-UAV, either for a human operator to recognize the targets or for an AI to interpret the situations.

Our 90-1100mm f/5.5 CZ MWIR Lenses feature dense integration of optomechanical integration with compact dimensions and a light weight of 4.2kg, with optical capabilities maximized to the outermost point which the dimension and weight issues would permit. An exceptional long maximum focal length >1000mm is engineered for the purpose of long-range detection. MTF and image qualities are optimized to keep the image sharp and crisp during the zooming process.

The smooth continuous zooming mechanisms of Shalom EO’s Ultra-Lightweight 90-1100mm f/5.5 CZ MWIR Thermal Imaging Camera Lenses deliver flexible switching of different FOVs between focal lengths from 90mm to 1100mm.  At 90mm, a wide FOV of a maximum of 6.11°  Horizontal and 4.89° Vertical is accessible to obtain a general broad view. At 1100mm, a narrow FOV of a minimum of 0.5°  Horizontal and 0.4° Vertical could be procured to concentrate large amounts of pixels on fewer targets to generate more details. Furthermore, an accurate focus is maintained over the entire focal length range, facilitating the locking-on of your targets. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO has established its trustful image as a manufacturer and a worldwide supplier of Infrared thermal imaging lenses over years of dedication. Our lens production line is of cutting-edge techniques under rigorous inspection, including CNC fabrication and single-point diamond turning (SPDT) polishing. Besides the stocked lens modules with standard specifications, we are also willing to embrace the challenges of developing new lens designs and collaborating with customers for technical innovations.

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